A family story…

Max & Florence is a family business created thanks to Ada’s 20 years of experience in the development and representation of cosmetic products in an international laboratory.

Many years of experience that have allowed her to observe the evolution of the market, as well as the trends and concerns of consumers.

Back to natural and sensible cosmetics…

Noting the growing desire of our society to return to natural products and avoid harmful ingredients such as allergens, endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic substances, on the one hand, and the increasing damage that pollution causes to our health, on the other, she joined forces with her son, Diego, and her daughter, Carolina .

They were inspired by the desire to return to sensible cosmetics and natural products that respect the environment and the balance of our skin.

Birth of a brand…

From their union and their convictions, “Max & Florence” (Diego Maximiliano and Carolina Florencia) was born.
A brand of natural products, without harmful ingredients and respectful of the environment.

Our priorities are transparency, listening and customer satisfaction.


An ode to naturalness.

Our skin is constantly exposed to external and domestic pollution (UV rays, cigarette smoke, dust, free radicals …)

These permanent and often invisible environmental attacks cause stress that deeply damages the epidermis and promotes skin aging.

Because it seemed essential to us to be in harmony with nature, we have developed a range of products of natural origin with highly effective and environmentally friendly active ingredients.

For us it is an honor to develop a range of innovative products, without luxuries or false promises.

Our ethics commit us to design high quality, responsible, safe products, acting as a natural protective barrier and decontaminating.

Our values have led us to replace synthetic components and other derivatives of (petroleum, phthalates, etc.)

Our premium creams offer the optimal solution to preserve healthy and radiant (luminous) skin and fight the ravages of time, in the most natural way possible.

Our intention is to immerse you in our universe through our products. Dare to let go and take care of you during the wellness ritual of Max & Florence.

Logo of Max et Florence