Bougie Orchidée noire et Lys Max & Florence

Candle Black Orchid & Lily

Glass jar 230g


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Natural scented candle.

Soy wax – 100% natural cotton wicks – Natural scents

Fragrance: Black Orchid & Lily

A complex fragrance that seduces with its green notes and natural fruit. A spicy combination with a Musk base and woody notes that provide an elegant touch to the fragrance.


Promotes restful sleep, providing a relaxing and soothing effect. Reduces stress and anxiety.

Burning time : ~50h
Dimensions : Ø 8 X 9cm

Soy wax

Soy wax is a perfect alternative to paraffin wax for making candles.

Unlike the usual petrochemical candles on the market, soy wax is natural and vegetable. It is a good substitute for beeswax, which is becoming increasingly scarce and is also non-vegan.

It also has other advantages. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, and presents no risk to health or the environment. Moreover, its combustion does not produce any odour.

It is therefore an excellent choice for making scented candles as it does not alter the fragrance.

It burns very slowly, even more slowly than paraffin, so you can enjoy your candles for longer!

Another good point is its visual aspect. Smooth and shiny, it has a white colour that allows all kinds of colouring.

Due to its many properties, soy wax is becoming increasingly popular with natural and ecological candle manufacturers.

100% natural cotton wicks

These 100% natural cotton wicks are designed to maximise clean burning and minimise carbon build-up in the air.

Some candles on the market contain zinc, lead or paraffin. All of these components are harmful to breathe and affect the pleasant smell of your candle.

Natural scents

Handcrafted creations inspired by the region where Max & Florence candles are produced (Sierra Mariola, Valencian Community in Spain). Made with ingredients from the region. The different fragrances are based on original recipes handed down from generation to generation since 1899, giving rise to a range of unique aromas to awaken your senses.

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