Bonjour Manhattan


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Discover our “Bonjour Manhattan” set, designed to kickstart your mornings and provide you with revitalizing energy for the day ahead. This exquisite ensemble includes a range of carefully selected products to create the perfect morning ambiance:

What does the Bonjour Manhattan pack include?

Anti-Pollution Day Cream: Our Day Cream offers you more than just a morning glow. It hydrates and revitalizes your skin to give it a radiant appearance while providing valuable anti-pollution protection to face the day with confidence.

Black Orchid & Lily Home Fragrance: Our ambient fragrance adds a refined touch to your morning ritual. Its captivating and invigorating notes will energize you from the moment you wake up.

Verbena Soap: Start your day by washing with our Verbena soap. Its soft and fragrant lather with fresh and herbal notes will awaken your senses.

Perfumed Ceramic: Add a touch of delicacy by scenting your space with our ceramic plaque. Infuse it with the room fragrance for discreet refinement.

Gift with your Bonjour Manhattan pack

A 15ml Anti-Pollution Night Cream is being gifted and included in this wonderful set. This will complement the wellness experience perfectly. You’ll be able to enjoy a complete skincare routine for a night of total relaxation!

With the “Bonjour Manhattan” set, immerse yourself in an energizing ambiance that gives you the boost you need to start your day off right. Recharge your mind and body, and embrace each morning with freshness and vitality

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