Parfum Bois d'Ébène Max & Florence

Perfume Ebony Wood

Glass bottle 100ml


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Home fragrance and body mist

Natural scented

Fragrance : Ebony Wood

An explosive combination of spicy and aromatic accords where spices mingle with lavender to obtain an extreme and deep blend. Tobacco brings masculinity to the composition. Vanilla softens the tobacco tones at the base and adds a comfortable appearance to the fragrance.


Soothing and calming, it promotes well-being and relaxation.


Spray into M&F ceramic or clothing. Do not spray directly on skin.


Natural scents

Handcrafted creations inspired by the region where Max & Florence candles are produced (Sierra Mariola, Valencian Community in Spain). Made with ingredients from the region. The different fragrances are based on original recipes handed down from generation to generation since 1899, giving rise to a range of unique aromas to awaken your senses.

(R)-p-menta-1,8-dieno; d-limoneno,Linalol, Acetato geranilo, Citronelol, alfa-isometil ionona, betapineno,
1,8-cineol, OTNE, alfa-pineno, Diisoamileno acetilo, Cumarina. May produce an allegic reaction.
Contains, among other components: more than 30% Ethanol, between 15-30% perfume.

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