Elégance Art Déco


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Discover our “Elégance Art Déco” set, an exceptional gift designed to pamper your loved ones or yourself with a refined beauty and wellness experience. This set brings together a carefully curated selection of anti-pollution, fragrant, and elegant products:

What does your Elégance Art Déco pack include?

Anti-Pollution Day Cream: Start your day with our anti-pollution day cream, a protective barrier for your skin that will provide it with hydration and radiance.

Anti-Pollution Night Cream: Our anti-pollution night cream works in harmony with your skin during the night to revitalize and restore it, for a dazzling awakening.

Black Orchid & Lily Scented Candle: Light our scented candle to create an elegant and enchanting ambiance in your space. The aroma of black orchid and lily adds a sophisticated touch to every moment.

Ebony Wood Room Fragrance: Our ebony wood room fragrance evokes a warm and refined atmosphere. A few spritzes are enough to envelop your space in an aura of luxury.

Perfumed Ceramic: Add a touch of delicacy by scenting your space with our ceramic plaque. Infuse it with the room fragrance for discreet refinement.

Gift with your Elégance Art Déco pack 

A Sandalwood Soap is included in this wonderful set, offering you a luxurious experience with each use. Let yourself be carried away by its captivating fragrance and enjoy the softness and elegance it brings to your skin, for the ultimate relaxation.

The “Elégance Art Déco ” set embodies sophistication and well-being. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion or simply to offer a moment of elegance in someone’s life. Let yourself be carried away by this experience of luxury and urban elegance because you deserve the best.

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