Le Temps d’une Escale


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Immerse yourself in a haven of pure serenity with our “Le Temps d’une Escale” set. This set has been created to offer you a moment of release during your hectic day. Here’s what you’ll find inside for the ultimate relaxation experience:

What does the Le Temps d’une Escale pack include?

  • Moroccan Cedar Scented Candle: Light our Moroccan cedar scented candle to create a warm and enveloping ambiance. Its woody fragrance instantly transports you to a state of deep relaxation.
  • Sandalwood Soap: Our sandalwood soap turns every shower into a soothing ritual. Its creamy lather and subtle fragrance help you escape and unwind.
  • Poppy soap: Experience the purity and gentleness of poppy with our delicately scented soap. Treat your skin to a floral and soothing experience with every use.

Gift with your pack Le Temps d’une Escale

A 15ml Anti-Pollution Lifting Serum is being gifted and included in this wonderful set. It’s a valuable addition to enhance your skincare routine. Enjoy this experience for radiant and revitalized skin!

This “Le Temps d’une Escale” set offers you a privileged moment to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. Immerse yourself in a zen ambiance, realign yourself, and let tranquility wash over you. Treat yourself to this precious moment of letting go, because you deserve a daily oasis of absolute well-being.

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